Sunday, March 18, 2012


I know, I know...I've said a bunch of times that I have little to no use for the Alien movies, which I suppose would rule me out of bothering to see the forthcoming Prometheus, which as I understand it isn't actually a direct prequel or anything of that nature, but is set in the same universe, so I suspect there'd be some overlap. This trailer for the film, though, is making me question that resolve.

This looks less like Attack of the Killer Space Vaginas, and more like a dark space opera, with ships exploring the unknown, massive alien artifacts, and so on and so forth. Who knows...and with trailers these days, you never know, because trailers can make the worst movies look like giant storehouses of Awesome, so we won't know until the movie comes out. But I am really intrigued by this trailer.


M. D. Jackson said...

You know, Kelly, that's what I like about you: You're just not a "lowest common denominator" kind of guy. Most guys would be lining up around the block for Attack of the Killer Space Vaginas. You always manage to take the high road and not be smug about it. You gotta admire that in this day and age.

Jason said...

Well, Kelly, this is one place where we differ, because I AM a fan of the Killer Space Vaginas (at least the first two entries in the series) and I gotta tell you... this is looking unquestionably like one of them to me. I'm seeing visual cues and nods to the original all over this trailer, and even musical stings that are similar to those in the original Alien trailer 30 years ago. And if the guy who gets the final line isn't an Ian Holm/Lance Henriksen-style android (based on his delivery alone), I'll eat my "Nostromo" hat.

Color me dubious about this whole project.