Monday, September 26, 2011

Slurm for Everyone!

Farnsworth Birthday Motivator

Yup...I'm 40 today.

That's a nice round number, and 40 is one of those nice round numbers, the ones that supposedly mark a milestone of some sort, which are supposed to prompt some kind of introspection. know what? I'm not feeling all that introspective about turning 40. I'm doing OK in most respects, although I'm showing my age in others. One thing, though -- I have always refused to believe that my future path is set, and I still believe that the main factor standing between me and the things I want to do is me.

So maybe I'll be upset when I turn 50. But for now, onward and upward!


SamuraiFrog said...

Sounds like you're going into it with the right attitude. Happy Birthday!

Roger Owen Green said...

Happy birthday, youngster!

Lynn said...

Only 40. [sigh] You're still so young. :-)

Jason said...

I, of course, am birthday-phobic, so I congratulate you on your calm demeanor. Happy birthday. And yes, I would love a Slurm right now.