Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Let's pee in the corner!"

Apparently REM has called it quits as a band. Stop it, Yoko! It's not funny anymore!

Seriously, though, I've always rather liked REM, although they were never a huge favorite of mine. I have a few CDs of theirs around here somewhere, but I am in no way whatsoever familiar with the majority of their output. But I did always like what I heard from them. My favorite song of theirs was "Everybody Hurts":

But my very favorite thing REM ever did was actually this:

Best wishes, REM! Let the reunion rumors commence!

(For those baffled by the post title, this ought to clear it up.)


Roger Owen Green said...

never misheard that particular lyric!

Mimi said...

I got mildly handslapped on a message board for saying I thought they'd already broken up.

I really liked them in the "Green" album era, but they lost me after that.