Wednesday, September 07, 2011

A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

Describe your preferred method of eating ice cream, or your ideal ice cream-related dish. Use lots of adjectives.


Roger Owen Green said...

my FAVORITE thing, something I seldom actually have anymore, is the banana split. with strawberry sauce on the strawberry, chocolate sauce on the chocolate, crushed pineapple in the vanilla, with real whipped cream over all of it and a cherry on top. There was a "make your own sundae" in my college town.

Lynn said...

hmmmm.... I never considered that I have a "method" of eating ice cream; I just eat it. I use a small white bowl. It's just a simple Corelle bowl but I really like it a lot - the simple form, pure, bright white. When I eat ice cream I try to take small bites to make it last longer but I'm usually watching TV while I eat it and sometimes the ice cream just disappears while I'm distracted by the TV and that's really sad. Ice cream deserves my full attention.

I like almost any kind of ice cream but my favorite is Blue Bell Natural Vanilla Bean, which I eat plain with no toppings. It's that good. I put toppings on other vanillas but not BBNVB. It's absolutely the best taste in the world all by itself.

Dazee Dreamer said...

Well if it is plain chocolate ice cream, I have to put it in a bowl and add some milk to it. But I don't stir the milk in, I just grab some ice cream and milk (just think cold cereal) and eat it that way. I know, I'm odd.