Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Burst of Weird and Awesome!

[Oops...this post went live before I could finish it!]

Oddities and Awesome abound!

::  The greatest insults of musicians, by musicians. Wow, some of these are vicious. How vicious? Well...Anton Newcombe says this of Eric Clapton:

“People talk about Eric Clapton. What has he ever done except throw his baby off a f***in’ ledge and write a song about it?”

Wow...and that one is only number two on the list.

::  Things Organized Neatly. I don't much go in for high degrees of organization, myself, but I would like to be a bit more organized -- especially in the bookshelves department. But that would require (a) more bookshelves, and (b) more space to put the more bookshelves in.

::  Not a link to anything, but an observation from the past week as the Star Wars Blu-ray release takes hold: it amuses me to note the percentage of fans who rip George Lucas for doing anything other than releasing the films in their original theatrical versions, and then go on to insist that Star Wars Revisited is the definitive version anyway. "Fan edits" are great, but "edits by the guy who actually made and owns the films" are BAD BAD BAD!! Sometimes I note my relative lack of cognitive dissonance regarding Star Wars, and I wonder if I'm doing it wrong.

More next week!

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