Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The time for all things must pass into memory....

Three obsolete things

Three things I can't much use anymore.

I got a lot of years out of that CD player, and it just might still play -- I'm not sure, I haven't used it in a long time. I used to carry it on walks a lot or at the Y during my cardio workouts, but for obvious reasons I wasn't able to use it during weight training, which is why I got an MP3 player, which I can slip into the pocket of my gym shorts and thus keep on listening to music whilst working out.

And then there's my old cell phone. This actually isn't my first cell phone; that honor went to an Audiovox phone I had for a couple of years back around 1999 and 2000. I'm not even sure that phone is still around...but anyway, the Motorola Razr pictured here was my phone from 2007 to, oh, 2010 or so, when we decided to upgrade, which is the phone I still use. (And which, by the way, is a fine MP3 player in itself, so now I don't even use my original MP3 player all that much!)

Finally...there's my Borders Rewards card. Oh well. This card saved me quite a bit of money on books at Borders over the years. Now it'll be a nice, retro bookmark, or I'll use it as a scraper for wood putty. I'll never be able to buy books with it, though.

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Roger Owen Green said...

And I still have 2 of them, which should explain me quite well.