Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Saturday Centus (Tuesday edition)

OK, with this week's prompt I am officially caught up. Huzzah! And thus it's time for some morbid humor:

Sally was hungry, but Mother wouldn't let her eat yet. Mother said she had a surprise for Sally, something wonderful. And Sally loved surprises, so even though she was hungry, she followed Mother dutifully until they reached their lunch destination. Sally looked at the bounty spread out before her, and gasped in awe.

"I hope you're still hungry," Mother said.

"I am!" Sally quivered with excitement. "Mother, may I?"

"You may!"


And with a powerful swish of her tail, Sally the Shark launched herself toward the crowd of surfers. "I'll try one of the pink ones first," she thought.
This was inspired by an awful song my pastor taught all the young kids at Vacation Bible School, called "Baby Shark". Oh well, at least I got some nice microfiction out of it!


Dazee Dreamer said...

hahahaha, so clever. I loved it. in a sick sort of way.

Roger Owen Green said...

i expect that conversation will be happening more often!

Anonymous said...

Liked your take on the prompt.
And now for some lunch...

Jenny said...

It's twisted.

It's creative.

It's clever.

It's wonderful.

Obviously your wrote it!

You are really amazing at this!