Saturday, May 14, 2011

"You know what they say, Frank: Speed kills!"

Well, folks, a long national nightmare has come to an end. After eight years of EarthLink, we have switched to Verizon FiOS here at Casa Jaquandor. I don't recall ever seeing an Internet this fast -- maybe back in the days when there were no pictures, everything was text based, and USENET and Gopher were how you "surfed the Net". Anyway, no more glacial load times! Huzzah!!

Oh, and I think a few comments that may have been left here a couple days ago have vanished. It seems that Blogger had a massive outage due to something that went awry while the Blogger folks were tinkering underneath the hood, and not only was Blogger down for more than a day, but it seems that some comments left during that time are incognito. I have no idea if they'll show up again...but if you left a comment here and now you don't see it anywhere, that's what happened. I haven't deleted any comments here lately!

But for now, I shall breathe the free air of the Internet again! It's like Gandalf has pushed Saruman out of me and I can grasp my sword! WHEEEE!!!

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