Monday, May 09, 2011

If you don't watch this video, I will fight you.

That's no lie.

That little girl is the daughter of two very dear friends of mine, whom I've known since college. In fact, I've known Krista longer than I've known The Wife! Anyway, they've made this video as an entry in some contest where they can win a trip to Disney World if their video gets a sufficiently large number of hits and comments. So, watch it. Watch it several times. You don't really even have to watch it; just click it and let it play while you do something else. YouTube doesn't know if you're sitting there watching the video. But it is cute! And Aaron and Krista are awesome.

So watch. Do it for the child. (Literally. It's for the kid!)

PS: If anyone else you know is entering this contest, well, screw them. This is war, people!


Roger Owen Green said...

so does it count if we watch it on your blog, or should we actually go to YouTube?

Kelly Sedinger said...

I'm not sure. You'd better do both, to be safe!

Quince said...

I find it hard to support any such cause without a weeping Ty Pennington rousing a group of day laborers into a frenzy.

Aaron said...

Thanks for the post!

To clarify things, the views help to get us to the final five. Once there, it comes down to voting on facebook.

Thanks again!

Call me Paul said...

I didn't watch it. Then, again, I dind't watch any of the competition either, so I'm contest neutral.