Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

This isn't all that weird, but I figure that with the history involved between all parties, it's bound to get weird at some point or other, so we'll just call this a Sunday Burst of Proactive Weirdness: David Lee Roth is back with Van Halen.

That is, of course, almost certain to end well!

(I am, of course, that rarest of animals: one who refuses to fall squarely in the camps of either DLR or Sammy Hagar where Van Halen is concerned.)

:: And via Warren Ellis, here's an idea that's certain to sweep the nation: a gas station that only uses terror-free oil!

:: Like many a soul, I love a good steaming bowl of General Tso's Chicken. Now, I always suspected that it wasn't actually an authentic Chinese dish, in that you won't find people making this in their kitchens at home in China, and it now turns out I'm right: General Tso's Chicken was invented in New York City. It was invented by a Chinese chef, to be sure, and the food writer here claims that the dish still exists in the fine tradition of Hunan cuisine. But it's not Hunan.

And you know what? I don't care. Now I want some General Tso's Chicken. Maybe next week sometime....


:: Here's a cautionary tale for the twenty-first century: a substitute teacher faces up to 40 years in prison because the computer she used in a classroom subjected her students to a whole bunch of pornographic pop-ups. The computer was running Windows 98 and the school district had allowed the subscription to its filtering software the lapse, so anybody who knows the first damn thing about the Interweb knows that this computer was a malware disaster waiting to happen. And as the whole tale unfolds, there is unmatched stupidity on all sides -- the police, the prosecutors, the legal system, everyone.

Welcome to 21st century America. Won't someone please think of the children!


LC Scotty said...

If you can find an accomodating Chinese restraunt (that also has a decent Tso), grab a pint or quart of that sauce. It is, hands down, one of the finest bbq sauces around.

LC Scotty said...

Perhaps even a connection at The Store could help?

teflonjedi said...

I actually thought that both versions of Van Halen had their own strengths, and I was amused and then somewhat impressed with DLR's bluegrass "Jump" last year. But perhaps it's time to let things go...

Anonymous said...

Or you could have General Taos Chicken (as advetised on the marquee a frequentliy bought/sold restaurant at the corner of Linwood and Main in Kansas City....).

It was an IHOP, became a diner, then has been an never-ending "under new ownership" round of oriental/chinese restaurants.