Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Preznit Day!

A good time was had by all yesterday, for the holiday known as Presidents' Day. After we lit memorial candles for Zachary Taylor, Chester Alan Arthur, and Warren Harding, and after we sacrificed six live weasels in hopes of securing the favor of The Gods of Rodents for George W. Bush*, we took The Daughter to Rochester to visit the Strong Museum. I'll have pictures up on Flickr in a week or two (I need to upgrade my account before I do more uploading), but for now, let me note that if you haven't been there in a long time you should definitely go again. It is one of the classiest places I've ever been, and it's actually been significantly improved since then, what with the addition of an entire new wing and an amazing butterfly habitat exhibit. We were there for more than five hours, and we still didn't see everything before we staggered back out for the drive home. The admission prices are very reasonable, and the parking is free. So those of you with kids, what are you waiting for???

And wouldn't you know it, but at one point while we were there, we rounded the corner to head into the Sesame Street-themed exhibit area when I was stopped by a woman who asked, "Hey, do you have a blog?" I answered affirmatively, and it turns out that she's a regular reader of Jennifer's, her name is Tracy, and she's just launched her own blog, LitMama. Again, Blogistan turns out to be a very small place! (I can't imagine how she recognized me, though. You wouldn't think that long-haired guys wearing tie-dye and overalls would stand out that much.)

Anyway, more connections are being made all the time! What a world.

* No, we didn't sacrifice weasels. What kind of ogres do you think we are!


All Things Jennifer said...

:) Tracy just came up to me at work one day and told me she was a reader! Love her love her love her! Sooo cool that you met her in Roch! Now the important question, did you get the GOOD DIM SUM???

Kelly Sedinger said...

That place is NOT OPEN ON MONDAYS!!!


Roger Owen Green said...

Know what's REALLY weird? The correct spelling of the holiday this weeek is Presidents Day. No apostrophe. It's wrong on my blog (Presidents'), but like Jimmy Crack Corn, I don't care.