Monday, February 26, 2007

Sentential Links #88

With this installment, there is one Sentential Links post for every key on a standard piano. (But I've got four more to go for one of those extended bass Bosendorfers.)

:: As I think I mentioned here before, I firmly and irrevocably, and with no irony or insincerity of any kind, believe that Kermit the Frog's rendition of "Bein' Green" is one of the greatest vocal performances of the 20th Century.

:: For years homeschooled children have had to rely for all of their information on Wikipedia, which is full of dangerous ideas that homeschooling was supposed to prevent from seeping into the home.

:: Am I the only person who really believes in the Matt/Harriet relationship? (Probably. I think they're the worst couple since Lea Thompson and Howard the Duck.)

:: W. H. Auden's 100th birthday is this week.

:: As the Oscars came to a close Sunday night, my immediate two reactions were "well, they got it just about right" and "man, those dancers, while admirably flexible, were just kinda creepy."

:: It’s the Superbowl of entertainment except when your favorite team wins there’s a big parade in your city, when your favorite movie wins there’s a big party you’re not invited to.

:: Had an aggressive glioblastoma not gobbled his brain in 1991, the late Republican political strategist Lee Atwater would have turned 56 today.

:: However, there are ways to adapt or revive clams even after they start to smell. Ways to extend their usefulness.

:: Watching Joe Quesada and Mark Millar destroy the Marvel universe has been no fun at all. (I haven't read any of this "Civil War" thing, but I also haven't read anything positive about it.)

:: "Speaking of rape, let's discuss your possible boyfriends." (Yeah, what an awful moment that was....)

More next week.


Tal said...

I just have to say that the Kermit post was excellent! I certainly laughed...

Tosy And Cosh said...

tal - Thanks!

Jaq - Thanks for the link. And I'll say something positive about Civil War. I love that the outcome of the series looks to have real ramifications. The end of the series didn't see everything "reset" but saw Captain America jailed, Iron Man's triumph, and a new Marvel U. where all heroes are now agents of SHIELD. Say what you want, but this makes for an interesting landscape going forward!