Monday, February 05, 2007

Sentential Links #86

Wherein we provide divers Links to other Blogges as time Permits, and wherein the Reader clicks them in their Fashion.

:: So it's over and we face seven whole months without football.

:: I don't mind people thanking God in these things, but I AM uncomfortable with the notion that God is on a particular coach's or team's side. Was God rooting for Tony Dungy, by all accounts a good Christian man, over Lovie Smith, who is theologically likewise? Somehow, I doubt God cares. Maybe, when I get to heaven, She'll set me straight. (As George Carlin sagely noted, you never hear the losing team thanking God, do you? "The Good Lord tripped me up behind the line of scrimmage!")

:: I cannot take full credit for blogrollosity. ( that a word? Well, it is now! I've been meaning to blogroll this guy, and probably will on my next edit of the blogroll. My solution, by the way, to the "blogroll a mile long" problem was to move my blogroll off my main page and into a post of its own, which is prominently linked on the main page. And I note that even in the act of recreating his blogroll from scratch, Atrios still isn't bothering to alphabetize it!)

:: It's time to revive the biosphere projects of the early 1990s. Given the private sector's recent enthusiasm to develop space tourism technologies, perhaps another X Prize is in order. (I defy you to read this blog and not come away thinking about something.)

:: I can't imagine the World Series without the Yankees, cars without gas tanks, books without covers, Greenland without glaciers, living happily in Dallas, shopping at a mall, keeping ferrets as pets, any social situation in which Joe Lieberman is taken seriously, anybody but Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes, and a world in which I've been dead and forgotten so long that I might as well never have existed.

:: Work is going to be a much bleaker environment without my pal.

:: And now I am going to do something unseemly. I am going to respond by reviewing my own book. (Me too. My book stinks. There, how easy was that!*)

:: Help me. Tell me something profound. (A short post, better appreciated for the funny comment thread on which I make a cameo appearance, sticking up for Buckaroo Banzai.)

:: I think I found the nirvana of stew: Guinness stew. (I'm not the biggest fan of Guiness, but this sounds distinctly intriguing!)

All for now. More next Monday!

* No, I don't think my book stinks.

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