Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Quiz time, again

Aaron posted answers to this quiz a couple of weeks ago. Luckily, Aaron posts so infrequently that his answers are likely to be his top front-page post for the foreseeable future. Heh!

Er...anyway, here are my answers, just because.

1. It is Dan's theory that one only has time to devote to 10 outside-of-work pursuits. What makes your list? This can be an idealized version of your life (e.g. pursuits in which you are interested but just haven't found the time or ambition to start).

1. Little Quinn.
2. The Daughter.
3. Little Quinn, again.
4. The Daughter, again.
5. Reading.
6. Writing. (I'm including the blog here.)
7. Listening to music. (And I mean actively listening, not just sticking in a CD while I do the dishes. Although I do that, too.)
8. Movies and good TV shows.
9. Little Quinn and the Daughter.
10. Walking. (Not so much of this lately.)

2. What are the last five albums you bought? Are you just kind of buying albums on a whim these days or following any kind of overarching plan-such as exploring a genre or working your way through a backlog of albums you've wanted to buy for some time?

Hisato Ohzawa: Piano Concerto #3 and Symphony No. 3 (classical)
Alla Pavlova: Symphony No. 1 and Symphony No. 3 (classical)
Yo Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble: Beyond the Horizon (Asian)
Altan: Local Ground (Celtic)
Anna Netrebko: Sempre Libera (classical; operatic arias and extracts)

I look around blogs and websites and magazines for CD recommendations, and then I keep a little list to grab when I'm at Borders. Many times, I go in to buy a particular CD, and walk out with three CDs, none of which are the one I intended to grab. Nice thing about having wide-ranging musical tastes is that I can indulge a certain amount of capriciousness in my music purchasing.

3. Everyone has an issue (at least one)-political or philosophical-that is kind of their personal baby. One on which they feel they have an enlightened view in a greater world that just either doesn't get it or doesn't care. Tell us about it-and attempt to be brief.

Respect for science in general, with evolution in particular. The extent to which science is held as "just another competing worldview" today scares me, especially when so many of the problems facing us now are problems for which we're really going to need to lean on science for solutions.

4. Prairie, mountains, woods, desert, lake, the sea. Which calls to you the most? Where would you most choose to reside? RANK THEM!

Uhhhh...this one's intriguing:

1. Sea. (I'm going to cheat and lump the Great Lakes in with "Sea", on the basis that in general you can't see the other side of them when you're on the shore.)
2. Lake.
3. Mountains.
4. Woods.
5. Prairie.
6. Desert.

I wouldn't really want to live in either of the last two, although they make nice places to travel. But I need forests, topography, and not so much heat.

5. Guilty pleasure TV. Is there a show that would be condemned by your peers, but yet you find yourself watching it on a regular basis? Let's hear it.

Well, most of my friends know I like American Idol, and more than a few also watch it, so that's out (although most find my admiration of Bo Bice slightly "over the top"). The Apprentice, perhaps? I still watch that show, although I haven't decided if I'll bother watching the Martha Stewart version. In the mid-90s, I loved Beavis and Butthead, which I held to be mostly satirical in nature: I knew kids like that in school, and really, the show's timeslot was perfect. (There is no better show to watch at two in the morning when you've closed your pizza restaurant on a busy Friday night than Beavis and Butthead.)

So since I can't answer this with a TV show, how about a singer, instead? Most people react with derision when I tell them that I love Celine Dion.

This is a tag-free quiz, so do it if you're inclined, and ignore it if you're not.

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