Sunday, September 04, 2005

Ossification Checklist

Jason started this, although I'm not sure he intended it as a freely-passed blog-meme thing. It's a list of Very Important Cultural Things with which I have no intention of familiarizing myself. Basically, it's a list of things I'm probably permanently close-minded about. Oh well....

Gigantic important book I won't waste my time on:

Ulysses by James Joyce. I picked it up once in a bookstore, scanned a couple of pages, whispered "Huh-whuh?!" to myself, put it back down, and went off to look at the cookbooks instead.

Acclaimed movie I won't pay to rent:

American Beauty. The premise just doesn't interest me, at all.

Touchstone popular album I can't bring myself to get into:

Whatever that mega-hit album Nirvana had back in 1991 or thereabouts was. I just never got Nirvana, and now that Cobain's been dead ten years or more, I don't see any urgency in doing so.

Impressive work of classical music I can ignore without guilt:

Berg's opera Wozzeck.

Remarkable place I wouldn't go out of my way to visit, American Version:

Las Vegas. If I were to win an expenses-paid trip there, I'd go, no question -- I'm not dumb enough to pass up a free trip -- but I'd never want to go there unless it was on someone else's dime.

Remarkable place I wouldn't go out of my way to visit, International Version:

Paris. I'm echoing Jason, here.

Hugely popular sport I'll channel surf through every time:

I've already echoed Jason once in this thing (he said soccer, whose allure as a spectator sport I simply cannot imagine), so I'll go with golf. Or auto racing.

Hmmmm. That was fun, so I think I'll add a few more of my own!

Highly regarded television series, still airing, that I don't bother watching:

Lost. I tried, for a while. And it really does have superb production values and is really well made. I just don't feel like investing the time to follow a show that's all mytharc, all the time.

Highly regarded television series, now off the air, that I didn't bother watching:

Picket Fences. Never liked David E. Kelley's writing.

Popular participation sport I have no interest in attempting:

Again, golf. Although the wife and I enjoy a game of minigolf now and again, if we can find a "course" that's well-maintained and has interesting "traps".

Classic children's book I'd give anything to have never read:

The Yearling. God, how I hated that book.

OK, that was fun. No tagging here, just grab-and-go for the so-inclined.

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