Thursday, July 23, 2009

So long, JP

Former Buffalo Bills quarterback JP Losman has signed with the Las Vegas...ummm...the new football team in Las Vegas. You may be thinking, "Wow, the NFL expanded to Las Vegas?" And the answer would be, no, they didn't. Someone's starting a new football league that will have something like four teams, one of which is in Las Vegas. Thus ends the JP Losman era in Buffalo.

Longtime readers may recall that I was a big Losman backer; not so much that I was convinced of his talent as I felt it necessary to withhold judgment on him until he'd been around at least a while. Well, after the "while" had gone by, even I had to conclude that he was a bust of a player. Losman is tough and competitive, and he has a big-time arm, but he never showed any real awareness of what was going on around him on the field and he was never a good "touch" passer. Oh well; it was just another high-round draft pick the Bills spent in the post-Jim Kelly era in an attempt to find the next great quarterback.

But even admitting that Losman wasn't a good QB, I actually found him very likable as a guy. When he was drafted, he made a real effort to adopt Buffalo as his hometown. He got an apartment downtown as opposed to buying some McMansion out by the stadium or living in a hotel room during the season, and he really tried to become part of the community. He got mocked a lot in these parts for talking like a Southern California surfer-type in interviews, but that never bothered me.

It does strike me as odd that he is jumping into an experimental football league, rather than just bide his time until some team has a need at QB (which always happens eventually). I don't think Losman would have been unemployed forever; sooner or later an NFL team would have come calling. Maybe he got impatient, or maybe he thinks that if he lights this new league on fire his road back to the NFL will be shorter. I don't know, really. It strikes me as an odd decision, though.

Anyway, this blogger wishes best of luck to JP Losman, now that he's a former Buffalo Bill.


Becky said...

JP bought a real mansion in Buffalo on Oakland Place. Too bad the skills needed for playing in the NFL (field awareness) never quite clicked for him. I wish him well.

Thee Earl of Obvious said...

Maybe he thought he was going to an NFL team.