Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Does Vishnu get to wear a glove on each of his four hands?

I was going to write a post making fun of the Pittsburgh Pirates for having signed two guys from India as pitching prospects after they won a baseball-related reality TV show over there, but then I figured that the usual process of scouting pitching talent, drafting pitching talent, and developing pitching talent hasn't really worked so well for the Pirates lately (meaning, the last 16 years), so why not grab two fellows from an Indian teevee show? More power to them!

I do think it would be funny if, were one of these guys (or both) to reach the majors and become strikeout guys for the Pirates, after each strikeout they record, the loudspeakers at PNC Park play a clip of Apu from The Simpsons saying "Thank you, come again." Like this.

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Call me Paul said...

Except that would be a racist thing to do.

Kelly Sedinger said...

Paul, you gotta start getting when I'm joking, man! I'd never suggest something like this in all honesty.