Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Reminder!

FINAL UPDATE 2-14-08: OK, folks, since I'm probably going to not be doing any more posting until Saturday (nothing bad, just a couple of abnormally busy days on the home front), I'm extending my "deadline" for query submissions for Ask Me Anything! until then. So go ahead! I'm starting to get some good ones racked up. Seriously, any question will be answered! (Which isn't to say that any question will be answered seriously, but you know what I mean.)

UPDATE: I'm taking questions for two more days, so go ahead and hit me with some queries, folks! Oddball questions, serious questions, questions that make me want to run screaming from my apartment: it's all good, folks!

Just a reminder that I'm taking questions for the 2008 iteration of Ask Me Anything!; just leave 'em in the comments to the post I just linked. (Not on this post, it'll be easier for me to keep 'em straight if they're in one place.) Questions can be serious or whimsical. All comers!

(I've moved this post so it stays fairly visible, and I will do so throughout the week. I'll close the Questions Submissions Comments Thread on Thursday, I think. Get your questions in! Anything goes!)