Saturday, February 23, 2008

Out Damned Spot!

Out Damned Spot!, originally uploaded by Jaquandor.

Out I say!

OK, so I didn't actually murder the King of Scotland last night on the questionable advice of three old hags who hang out in this creepy hovel out in the rocks and heather. Actually, I did a batch of tie-dying last night, a batch which was way overdue (we've had this pile of white clothes next to our bed for several months now), and I forgot to bring home the one essential item: gloves. Oops. So now my hands make me look like I have this weird blend of jaundice, anemia, and Columbo-itis (that's the look of your hands after you've committed the bloody crime but before the good Inspector comes along and just-one-more-thing's you into admitting your guilt).

Anyway, the clothes are now individually sealed in Ziploc bags. Later on tonight I'll open them up, rinse them out, cut off the rubber bands, wash each one twice, and then hang them on the dryer rack. So in a day or two we'll have new tie-dyed clothes! Wheeeee!!!

I'm most nervous about how two large swatches of fabric that The Wife asked me to tie-dye turned out. I'm hoping that even with all the folds in that fabric, the dyes still managed to get into the interior. If you're not aggressive with squirting the dye into the folds, your resulting garments can turn out with large white areas that don't have any dye on them at all. That happened with my first batch of home-grown tie-dye.

I'll have pics of the new stuff in a few days.

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Call me Paul said...

OK, I have to ask. How are you holding the camera?