Saturday, November 16, 2013

If I type with my forehead, my wordcount goes up faster!

The first draft of GhostCop (not the actual title) is done! #AmWriting #NaNoWriMo

This morning I finished the first draft of GhostCop (not the actual title). Into the drawer it goes; I'll edit it...oh, I don't know, sometime in late winter or early Spring. I can't say with more certainty than that, but it's kind of cool knowing that right now I have two first-draft manuscripts awaiting their first passes-through. Princesses In SPACE!!! Book II: The Quickening (not the actual title) comes first, though. I'll start that book's read-through on December 1, which is...two weeks from tomorrow! Huzzah!!

This, of course, calls for a victory celebration! Let there be pouring of ale coffee!

I HOIST MY MUG IN HONOR OF YOUR VICTORY!!! #AmWriting #coffee #NaNoWriMo #BackToWorkNow

But I can't celebrate for too long, for NaNoWriMo is not over, I'm not at 50000 words for the month, and Lighthouse Boy (not the actual title) awaits. Here we go again.

President Bartlet says, "Back to work." Yes, sir. Thank you, Mr. President. #AmWriting #NaNoWriMo

Back into the rabbit hole....

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Roger Owen Green said...

Congrats, and I'm impressed as all get out.