Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

Oddities abound!

I wasn't on the Web much this past week, so I only have one thing to offer, but I found it pretty funny, so here you go: How to create a weapon that is devastating and unstoppable.

More next week, maybe.

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Thee Earl of Obvious said...

The comic you linked does not appear. So we are left guess. Hmmmm
something funny that falls under the heading "How to create a weapon that is devastating and unstoppable"...hmmmmm
1st Panel

While ignoring the abundance of prior bureucratic failings Super Politician teams with Red Tape Man in an effort to provide the masses with free healthcare.

2nd panel

Super Politician,over a drink of kool aid with Red Tape Man agree that efficiency, accountability and cost reduction are going to be their goals. The masses will cheer them as they enter the city gates.

3rd panel

Red Tape Man secretly snatches Super Politicians onus of power: the coveted rubber stamp!!

4th panel

Red Tape Man morphs with super politicians rubber stamp to create the ultimate weapon. It has not been named but can chase an ambulance with impunity all the while making docotors cower. It is larger than life and controls all!

That is funny