Monday, November 30, 2009

Sentential Links #191

Linkage for the week!

:: Think how much more awesome you would be if you got to have Thanksgiving twice a year. That’s basically how I am all the time.

:: I sense it's about time to share some of my thoughts about television and movie critics, myself, and the past, present and future of my corner of the critics-on-TV adventure. (There is an increasing sense of "farewell" to all of Roger Ebert's posts of late. I'm wondering if he is nearing his end.)

:: Once she spent an entire lesson on one measure.

One measure.
(I remember lessons like that. They were amazing.)

:: I am very thankful for the power that keeps us warm and lights the darkness and am so aware that there are still people living without power, and some without shelter - in this country and in other countries - as we move toward a time of celebration and gratefulness...... and even in my very simple life I know that I am lucky beyond measure.

:: In a crazy kind of irony "Freedom of the press belongs to the guy who owns one" stops being true once everybody owns one; noise drowns out sig

:: Holdstock, along with people like Neil Gaiman, taught me just how original and imaginative fantasy could be. (In reference to author Robert Holdstock, who passed away yesterday. I only read one of his books, Mythago Wood, but he's been high on my list for a long time. I'll have to push him higher on the "to read" pile.)

More next week.