Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

And away we go!

:: It always interests me how many times a pretty obvious idea just never gets acted upon, until someone finally realizes, "Hey, no one's ever actually done that, even though everybody's thought of it!"

I mean, really: who hasn't opened up a fortune cookie and thought that it would be funny if the fortunes were pessimistic?

:: A bad disco arrangement of the Main Theme from Star Wars. Bad interpretive dancing. Bad trumpet playing. All together in one moment of awful goodness. On some kind of meta-level, this is certainly George Lucas's fault. Curse you, Miss Douglas, for making me doubt The Flanneled One!

:: This is clearly an example of plucking the low-hanging fruit, but I'm always a sucker for news anchors who lose their composure and start giggling uncontrollably on the air. (The slow motion of that model falling is priceless, though -- especially the second time, when she gets all wobbly before finally going down.) Of course, for the ESPN lovers among us, the canonical instance of this sort of thing is Charlie Steiner's reaction to Carl Lewis singing the National Anthem before an NBA game. (Actually, Steiner lost it a bunch of times on air, but the Carl Lewis one was the best.)

Tune in again next week.


redsneakz said...

Sadly, that clip from WRC is at least seven months old; George Michael no longer does the sports, which is too bad.

Kelly Sedinger said...

There is no statute of limitations on weirdness!