Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Let the truth be told!

laptop 001, originally uploaded by Jaquandor.

You can see here one reason I've been incommunicado the last day or two. These two boxes of wonderment arrived via courier guy yesterday. What could be inside? Why, my new Dell Inspiron laptop! I'll be making payments on this thing for the next couple of years, but it will hopefully jumpstart my productivity, since I'll be able to do writing stuff at my desk other than longhand work. (Not that I'm abandoning longhand work, but our family computer is located in a spot that's not conducive to heavy writerly concentration.)

My new machine has a Wi-Fi card, so I can take it to Borders or Starbucks or even other locations of The Store to go online. I'm not buying a wireless router for home because I figure one computer online at home is enough. It's also got a 180 GB hard drive, lots of memory, and a decent video card. It's pretty much got exactly what I need it to have for the jobs I need it to do -- it's not a gaming system, for instance. I've already installed OpenOffice and Firefox on it. Windows Vista will take a bit of getting used to, but so far, so good.

Wow, a cell phone two weeks ago, and now a laptop: I'm technological!


Belladonna said...

You WILL want a wireless router at home. I love taking my machine out on the patio to write while watching the sun shift colors at first light.

SAW said...

New gear is supa-cool. Enjoy!

Aaron said...

What was in the bottom box?

Kelly Sedinger said...

Oh, the second box contained the carrying case that I bought along with the computer. Cool!

teflonjedi said...

I agree...a wireless router is the way to go, can curl up on the bed and read, write, and surf to your heart's content!