Saturday, October 27, 2007

Shhhh! Writer at work!

Writer at work, originally uploaded by Jaquandor.

Stop botherin' me. I'm writin' here.

Sorry about the dearth of posting the last few days, folks, but the week here at Casa Jaquandor got a bit unexpectedly busy over the last few days. Not bad busy, just a whole lot of stuff that ended up on the plate and being more time-consuming than I'd figured at the time. Plus, I've been fending off a minor head cold. Regular posting should begin again tomorrow.

By way of a progress report: I've been doing a lot more fiction writing lately -- I finished a draft of a horror story a few weeks ago (which is now laying fallow for a time before I edit it) and I've started my first-ever actual attempt at a SF story (about two-thirds of the way through the first draft). I've also started noodling about with a space opera novel concept I've had percolating about my head for a few years now (this one, actually, although I started it over completely) and, believe it or not, a screenplay. And I also mean, once the Halloween festivities are over, to finally get back on track with The Promised King. I've also been doing some more reading, movie-watching, music-listening, and I have some longer essays in the hopper for eventual appearance in this space. So, fear not, regular readers: new content is in the offing!

I'd like to thank everyone who has delurked already, and welcome any other lurkers to do likewise, if you're comfortable. I truly appreciate the fact that anyone at all thinks this blog worth following!

In closing, here's a nifty item: the Top Ten Sound Effects of the Star Wars movies:

This list is almost perfect: One sound is, in my opinion, inexplicably absent. Which one? Why -- that's for you all to guess! (For extra credit, guess which one I'd replace.)


Anonymous said...

The tractor beam power-down? really? That was about the same as Missile Command fx.

No Millenium Falcon sounds? Not that any such sounds would have been audible in outer space anyway, but still...

Nothing from the Landspeeder or the stormtroopers' hovercycles, either?

Am I close?


Anonymous said...


Have you ever thought about participating in National Novel Writer's Month?

It's totally insane, but a great way to turn off your internal editors and just WRITE!

Aaron said...

Um, Chewbacca?

andante said...

I would add the opening blast from the orchestra. Not really a sound "effect", but always memorable.

My honorable mention would be unsheathing the light saber.

Replace? Anything from episodes I-III.

Call me Paul said...

I think I'd lose the stupid mechanical man voice from episode whatever of the prequel trilogy. Also, the sound effect of the seismic charges was previously used in Star Trek: The Motion Picture quite liberally.

What would I add? Chewbacca, for sure. And maybe the sound of the Pod Racers from that other one of the prequel trilogy episodes.

Seamus said...

Maybe a nice Millenium Falcon Hyperdrive malfunction.... you know, that "whine, whine whine, whine..." (It's not my fault!)

#8 is truly lame. I'd swap out that metal dude's translator thingy for either a Sandpeople battle cry or some Jawa babble...