Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

I'll probably have more to say tomorrow about the Bills' encouraging defeat on the road of the Miami Dolphins, but for now, here's something I noticed when looking at the FOX Sports recap of the game. Specifically, it's a section of that site where they compare the performances of the quarterbacks. Here's a screengrab of the little portion I'm talking about:

There's JP Losman's numbers on the left, and Daunte Culpepper's on the right. But note: there's a headshot of Culpepper, but none of Losman!

Hey, FOX Sports, what the hell is up with that?! Sure, Losman's still a young player who may or may not blossom in the NFL; and sure, the consensus opinion going into this season seems to be that Losman's a major bust of a first-round draft pick waiting to happen; but he's not a bust yet, he's a third-year player, and he is still for the moment a starting quarterback for a team in the National Football League. Shouldn't you guys have a friggin' headshot for the guy by now? Sheesh.

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Sean Meade said...

that's pretty funn, Jaq.

congrats on the Bills win.

i'm pretty freakin' stoked about the Vikings at 2-0!