Monday, September 25, 2006

Sentential Links #67

I did less link-mining than usual this week....

:: I'm impressed by MKG's ability to dumb down any issue, making it seem as if the solution is as easy as instant pudding, and everyone has just been standing around the kitchen waiting for her to show up and add the milk. (MKG is Buffalo News columnist Mary Kunz Goldman, a favorite target of those of us inhabiting the Buffalo Prefecture of Blogistan.)

:: Other Chicago notes: this is the third or forth time I have been to this city, and I have finally had a Chicago-style hot dog. (Never had a Chicago hot dog before. Their deep-dish pizza, yes, but never a hot dog. Gotta try it.)

:: There is an interesting study to be written about US Attorney Generals, I think. They seem to come in three basic flavors: Crook, Crony, and Parson. (I know, two links to the same blog, a rarity for Sentential Links.)

:: Consequently, for months and months the administration has reacted to the report not by trying to improve its policies, but rather by covering up the NIE. Same sorry old story, but it's an absolute disaster for the country. Meanwhile, much of our press continues to identify national security "toughness" with stubborn refusal to see what's lying right before everyone's eyes: The invasion of Iraq has been a gigantic, years-long rolling catastrophe for American security.

:: It is hard to think of this as a compromise, unless your idea of a compromise is being asked by your child for a million dollars, telling them no, and then agreeing to give them $998,000.

:: I wasn't done talking to you, dammit. I wouldn't ever have been done talking. (I never read anything by John M. Ford. Still, this is sad. More here.)

Tune in next week!


Anonymous said...

I rarely take the time to drop compliments in blogs, but truely, if fat were brains, maybe you wouldn't write such drivel. You think?

Kelly Sedinger said...

I assume you mean to use the word "comment", not "compliment". Also, it's spelled "truly", not "truely". But really, thanks for playing; we have some lovely consolation prizes for you!