Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ceci n'est pas une pipe

I glanced today at The Buffalo News, and noted that one of the two stories on the front page, and above the fold, was about Katie Couric's first night as anchor of the CBS nightly news telecast. Seeing that headline, in which a major news outlet reports as one of its most important two stories the goings-on at another major news outlet, made me think back to all those philosophy classes I took in college where we debated the metaphysical connections between a name and its object, and the relation of art to reality, a friend in those classes who loved the saying "The finger pointing at the Moon is not the Moon itself", and all that jazz. What's news is the identity of one of the persons whose job it now is to tell us what the news is. Whoa!

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Call me Paul said...

The medium is the message. Whatever the hell that means.