Monday, September 18, 2006

Sentential Links #66

Here we go again! Click and read. Or just click. Or just read. Or just sit there drooling. Hey, it's your life.

:: A little birdy once told me that the meaning of life is to acheive perfect roundness so we can launch into orbit around the great and bountiful Harvest Lord. (The solution to this problem is: Get rid of cable. That's how we did it!)

:: Corporate Conspiracy # 3,068: Whatever you do, don't get your hands dirty! Dirt is dirty! Germy, must sterilize, gross. Here are 5 billion toxic chemical products to clean and sterilize you. (Shades of George Carlin: "What are you gonna do when some supervirus comes along and turns your vital organs into liquid shit? You're gonna die and you're gonna deserve it 'cause you're f***ing weak, and you got a f***ing weak immune system!")

:: I've learned it too many times when I'm hungry and haven't eaten all day and can't decide whether to get Taco Bell or Jack in the Box so I get both and figure I'm hungry enough to eat eggrolls, a cheeseburger, soft tacos, and a combo burrito only to be completely stuffed about 60% of the way through, leaving me to not only throw away food for which I paid good money, but also popping Target's storebrand equivalent of Tums and feeling miserable the rest of the night.

:: So, to end where I began: anyone who wants to make, or is making, comics should read this book. (Scott McCloud has a new book out! I'll probably read it, even though my only ability at comics creation would be scripting, since my art is freaking laughable.)

:: Marvel's summer 2007 event will be written by Greg Pak and entitled World War Hulk. (The title alone is cool on about nine different levels.) Apparently, it's a miniseries (not a crossover), and will basically feature the Hulk vs. the entire Marvel Universe, which in my mind should be the premise of pretty much every single Hulk comic ever, so...sold! (Man, have I got comics on the brain lately. Not good. Comics are too freakin' expensive.)

:: Remember what I said before about maybe we'd be better off if the Wonder Woman movie wasn't made?

Well, fuck that. We need that movie, and we need it now. And we need it to make a bazillion bucks so that a bunch of knockoffs get made the next year.
(Preach it! They made a Daredevil movie and an Elektra movie, for God's sake -- where the hell is Wonder Woman!)

:: This is my stuff bag. Sure, I got it free when I joined the Book of the Month club, but it doesn't really matter what king of freakin' bag it is. Just that the bag works for you.

:: Yes, you can—right this instant—read about the goings-on of this august body when it was populated with the likes of Isaac Newton, Robert Hooke and Robert Boyle, with cameos by such luminaries as Anton van Leeuwenhoek, Gottfried Leibniz and Giovanni Domenico Cassini. (I swear, the Internet is getting closer and closer to being the Library Computer from Star Trek.)

All for this week. Good blogging this week, folks! Let's keep it up! We can win this thing!

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T-Steel said...

GET RID OF CABLE?!?!? I can't do that. I must make myself worthy for the almighty Harvest Lord. Work with me here! :)