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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

Oops! Thought I'd posted this, but I'd only saved it as a Draft. Oh well.

(And I will get to finishing my Ask Me Anything! 2011 queries; the last week has been pretty busy. But I think I'll have some time coming up in the next batch of days.)

Anyway: even before Charlie Sheen's recent descent into the Mouth of Madness, Two and a Half Men has been one of the most highly-rated shows on teevee for a while. Having watched it off and on mainly because, well, it's on in between stuff I like watching more and it's not so bad as to have me reaching for the remote, I'm mystified by its ratings success and odd longevity. Does anybody out there really like this show? How can something this "Meh" be this successful?


Kal said...

I truly believe it's the timeslot. Families decompressing after the first full day of work after a weekend. I't a bit dirty so you can watch it with your kids without being embarassed. There's a sassy maid to put Charlie in his place most every episode and Charlie doesn't do a whol lot of winning on that show. Sure he bangs a lot of chicks but that is portrayed as a bad thing, not a good thing. He always get's him comupance. That's what I think. I don't watch TV as I should. I TVO or dowload and what what I want when I want and I just hate that program. It's the same show each time and the jokes are beyond weak. I am glad Charlie is selfimploding although they will put another lame sitcom in it's place. The only good sitcomes are on Thurdsay night or cable where they can push the envelope a bit more.

jason said...

I really like the show. Why? Very simple: it makes me laugh, and it does so consistently, and no other sitcom on the air these days does that. I really can't give it any more of an intellectual defense than that.

Lynn said...

I think I might have watched it a few times. Or maybe I only watched parts of it a few times, maybe when I stopped for a minute while channel surfing. Anyway, what little I saw never inspired me to watch any more of it.

The only thing I ever liked Charlie Sheen in was that commercial he did with his dad a few years ago. He is, possibly, more entertaining since his train went off the tracks than he has ever been in his career.

Roger Owen Green said...

I actually blogged about Charlie Sheen, or not, thus answering the question.

fillyjonk said...

I personally don't care for it, but that kind of humor (some mean-spiritedness, some anatomical/sex joking) just doesn't appeal to me.

I guess it does appeal to a lot of people, though.

Kerry said...

I can't watch any show with a laugh track and/or a gaggle of housewives.

Which is weird, because I watch a lot of really bad TV. Case in point: "Kim and Kourtney Take NY."