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Monday, October 22, 2007

Sentential Links #115

Without ado of any kind:

[Oh crud, by announcing that I was going to commence the linkage without ado of any kind, I actually employed some ado after all. Bummer. Oh well, I suppose we'll have to wait for next week to have our first truly ado-free installment of Sentential Links. My apologies, and now, without any ado now, here are the links. I've carefully culled these, so I hope you'll enjoy...oh bugger, there's some more ado. Darn it all anyway! Blogging without ado turns out to be like McDonalds without deep fryers. How can it possibly work? Anyhow. No more ado. Seriously. We're going right into the links, with no ado.]


:: A general rule for actors is: If YOU cry, more often than not the audience WON'T. If you do your damndest NOT to cry, if you work to hold BACK the tears, then you'll have to mop the audience up off the aisles. (This is an older post of Sheila's, which she linked in the midst of remembering Deborah Kerr. I loved this examination of An Affair to Remember, a film which has already made my 100 Movies list.)

:: The other day I performed the idiotic newbie-author ritual of hanging around by the table where my book was displayed to see if anyone would pick it up. When someone eventually reached for a copy, I fled, fearing he would recognize me from the author photo and make the mistake of thinking that I was simply hanging around to see if anyone would pick it up. (Geez, they put Alex's book next to a book by William F. Buckley and directly beneath a book by Dinesh D'Souza! Doesn't Alex deserve better literary company than that? BTW, I've already bought my copy, and I plan to read it sometime in the next month.

:: Simple, slick, painless, and foolproof. Typical Microsoft. (See, this is why I use OpenOffice, even if it's occasionally buggy and sometimes very clunky to use. I couldn't quite bring myself to believe AC's post, though, so I Google'd a bit to see if this was really true, and if Microsoft had come up with packaging so bizarre as to require people to go online to figure out just how to open the box in the first place, and, well, wouldn't you know it. Of course, I, being in the field of Maintenance in my day life, would simply spend about ninety seconds with the box and then say the hell with it and reach for Mr. Utility Knife.)

:: I've been trying and trying to understand how so many of the warbloggers have managed to convince themselves that they are doing something as brave and patriotic as actually fighting in Iraq by typing about it. I'm trying even harder to understand how they could be content with that.

:: Do I really believe in Jesus at all, or do I just like Christianity? There’s a big difference between the two, and unfortunately I think I may just like Christianity.

:: I remember the opening night party, saying to David Stiers that as of tomorrow his whole life was about to change. I was right, of course. Thankfully, it changed for the better.

:: I noticed that Billboard has listed my new album under the category of rock. And a radio show in the midwest aired a track from it on their jazz program. And tomorrow I’ll be live in L.A. on a classical show. (Note to self: order Alex's new CD one of these days.)

:: People want to live in a world where, when you have a medical problem, you locate a doctor and that doctor either does what needs doing, or else points you to an appropriate specialist doctor who does what needs doing. Shopping around for gadgets or browsing bookstores is fun for those of us who are into them; others like clothes-shopping or shoes. But nobody wants to shop around for medical treatment. That sucks. Sick people want treatment.

And that does it for this week. Tune in again next week.

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