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Monday, October 08, 2007

Sentential Links #113

And here we go with some sentential goodness after a week off! To the links, Batman!

:: And although I’ve been laying the seeds for a while, it feels like Saturday night, a hockey fan was born. (Great story. For some reason, my daughter's first instance of hating a sports team is, believe it or not, the Toronto Maple Leafs. Not entirely sure how that came to pass, but there it is! And congrats to the BfloBlog guys for two years in the saddle of blogging Buffalo hockey sports.)

:: Jet travel. Skiing. Bitchen cars and cheap gas. Triumph motorcycles. Soldiers not yet dead in Viet Nam.


It's all in there. All of it. G to B flat.

:: And how can I see past the person they are not, to catch even a glimpse of something else?

:: Perhaps we can trade Guatemala one for one: Lou Dobbs for Pedro Zapeta. We'd be getting the better end of the deal...

:: Free individuals are under no obligation to recite pledges of allegiance of any kind.

:: One of several unfortunate elements of the global warming debate is that it's my sense that the public generally overestimates the degree of sacrifice involved in heading off catastrophic climate change. (This is something that always bothers me about the global warming "debate" -- either warming is denied to exist at all, or it's admitted to exist but with the proviso that to do anything about it would return the entire world economy to the way things were in Little House on the Prairie.)

:: Why is it that a guy who thinks U.S. military action is always the answer is any more credible than the peacenik who thinks it never is?

:: Whenever I suggest a book, and the kid says yes but the parent says no, it's almost always because it's not "serious" enough. Whenever a kid asks for a book, and the parent says no, the most common reason given (aside from cost) is that it's not "what they should be reading" - as in, you should be reading something that isn't called Captain Underpants and isn't full of pictures. (Brand new blog to me, and I don't even remember how I found it. Nevertheless, her URL and screenname reveal a love of a series of books that are favorites of mine, too. Cool!)

:: I've had a good birthday. Now I better go wash the whip cream out of my hair. (I hope she used non-dairy stuff, it washes out birthday to one of my favorite bloggers! Moving on....)

:: I've just discovered that (counting a couple of in-press stories) I've got enough published short fiction to fill a collection. (A few weeks ago I was in Barnes&Noble and found a copy of Interzone, a mag I'd never seen before but heard of, and found within its pages one of Jayme's stories. I'll have to read it soon!)

:: I never did find out what happened to the cart after that; whatever it was, there were certainly no witnesses.

:: We need more comics that open with a little girl being pushed off a balcony: (Heavens!)

:: A good way to make fun of someone who loves the new, super-serious remake of Battlestar Galactica: tell them the show inherently makes no logical sense to you without Muffit, the robot dog. (Zounds!)

:: Who ever heard of bell-bottom sweatpants? (Ummm...what?!)

All for this week, folks. Thanks for playing, and we'll have some lovely consolation prizes for you out back. Yeah, out back. Way out back. Yeah, over there. In that alley. Yeah, keep goin'...that's right....heh heh heh!

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