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Saturday, October 13, 2007


The other night, the Buffalo News gathered a few of the Usual Suspects from the Buffalo Prefecture of Blogistan to talk about blogging. You can hear the entire presentation, via a series of podcasts, starting here. It's all interesting stuff, and as always, it's entertaining to hear what bloggers actually sound like when they're not typing. Check it out.

Also, it's clear to me that the Buffalo section of my blogroll is fairly out-of-date, so if anyone has suggestions as to what needs to be added here, feel free to drop a link in comments. I'm gearing up to do an overhaul of the entire blogroll soon anyway.

Finally, remember that we're trying to get a Blogging Christmas Party together for Saturday, December 8, in the evening. Time and location aren't totally settled yet -- I've tossed out the Buffalo Sports Garden in Orchard Park at 7:00 pm, but that's open to debate as always (someone pointed out that their menu isn't very vegetarian-friendly, for instance). I'll try cobbling together an invitation-type thing sometime soon, but if anyone seriously disagrees with that tentative location, now's the time to speak up!


EAL said...

Well I have penciled it in as I could not make the last one. I would prefer not to be in a sports bar--I think you mentioned 15 TVs. Seems like we really don't need to be surrounded by that many--aren't we suppoosed to be interacting with each other?

Pauldub said...

We'll be there unless inclement weather is in. Frankly, I don't care where it is. Give us an address, and we'll be there.