Friday, July 07, 2017

Something for Thursday (Friday because of a mid-week holiday that has me confused as to what day it is edition)


Anyway, why not kick off the weekend with some adventure music? Lead on, Dr. Jones!

There's a lot to love about Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, just as there's a lot about it that's frustrating. The score is magnificent, though! It's one of my favorite John Williams scores, and that's saying a lot. The score is just bursting with wonderful melodies from start to finish, the action writing is suitably thrilling, and the whole score is just a wonderful listen. These are a few selections. The second track featured here ("Keeping Up with the Joneses") is especially interesting as it is barely heard in the film at all, despite a really quite wonderful jaunty theme that turns wonderfully lyrical.

Go find some excitement this weekend, folks!

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Roger Owen Green said...

The word is Thursdayish