Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

List a few things on your personal bucket list.


Kal said...

Jet Pack, Batmobile, Green Lantern power ring, Sword of Omens, Phoenix Gate

A Triffons Pizza like it was back in the day.

Oscar Goldman action figure mint in box.

re-visit New York City and NY Comic Con. Fall in New York.

Roger Owen Green said...

Living long enough to see my daughter graduate from High School.

Lynn said...

If I had a bucket list it probably would be extremely boring. First things that come to mind: Listen to all 104 of Haydn's symphonies, read War and Peace, make a postage stamp quilt, see the Grand Canyon.

fillyjonk said...

I want to go see where the Mississippi River originates (Itasca, MN). And I want to see it near its mouth. I've seen it NEAR the origin (Winona), and I regularly see its midpoint (St. Louis), but I want to see the other stretches as well.

Going to Alaska.

Working up enough courage to play piano in a recital again.

Seeing the Hoh rain forest in Washington State.

SK Waller said...

Move back to California.
Visit England again.
Finish my writing projects!
Eat fresh pineapple while sitting on a beach in Belize.

Call me Paul said...

The garage floor, the car, the back deck...

Oh, wait. You probably meant something else, didn't you?

Jason said...

--Write a novel. (Publishing said novel would be a plus.)

--Learn to play electric guitar.

--Lots of travel goals: various spots in the US and Europe, Japan, New Zealand

--See the Northern Lights

--Fly supersonic and/or into space (nobody said these have to be realistic items!

M. D. Jackson said...

Swim in a Fairy Pool on the Isle of Skye

Sail on a tall ship

Visit the 86th floor of the Empire State Building

Attend Howard Days in Cross Plains, Texas

Meet as many of my Blog friends in person as I can (that includes you, Mr. jaquandor!)