Sunday, April 18, 2010

Trekkin' across the Universe!

Again from SamuraiFrog. Let's talk Star Trek!

1. What is your favorite Star Trek movie? (not including STXI)?

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. I love the character interactions, the Spock-as-Holmes stuff, the large-scale storyline, the tense space battle between the Enterprise and the Klingon Bird of Prey that can fire while cloaked, and I adore the sign-off signatures of the original cast members at the end.

2. What is your favorite scene in STXI?

I prefer to think of this movie as Star Trek 2009, as opposed to Trek XI. Favorite scene? The whole opening, culminating in the birth of James Tiberius Kirk, is the movie's masterstroke.

3. When were you first introduced to the Star Trek franchise?

I don't even remember. It was beginning its long life in reruns when I was born, in 1971; I do have very vague memories of the show being on in the house where we lived. For some reason, the very earliest Trek memory of mine is the end of the episode "Friday's Child"; in fact, the earliest teevee memory in general of mine might well be Dr. McCoy saying "oochie woochie coochie coo" to the baby at the end of the episode.

4. Is there anything Star Trek around the room in which you're currently sitting?

Ummmm...aside from a couple of DVDs of the movies (and I don't even own them all yet), nope. I have digital copies of the movies and the scores on my external hard drive, so that's something. I'd like to have a small Enterprise to go with all my little Star Wars ships, but I haven't seen one in stores and I haven't shopped online at all for one.

5. Vulcan ears are: A) cute, B) sexy, C) neither, D) both.

Huh. Never thought much about it. Both, I guess? On the right person?

6. If you could be any other species than human in the Star Trek universe, you would be:

Bajoran. Because I like their noses and ear-rings.

7. Which pet would you rather have: a sehlat or a tribble?

Oh, come on. Who wouldn't want a "teddy bear" with six-inch fangs? Tribbles just eat and purr and sleep. They're less-mobile cats.

8. Who might you cast in the role of reboot Nurse Chapel? Khan? Other reboot character?

Nurse Chapel should be played by...well, I have no idea. Any talented young actress would be fine. Khan? I do not want to see Khan. At all. Never again. He's been done. No Borg, either. New stories, please!

9. Kirk and Spock are:

You know, the degree to which these two characters have been misunderstood by the masses over the years is really staggering. The friendship of Kirk and Spock is not the defining character thing in Star Trek; it's the friendship of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Kirk and Spock are two-thirds of a triad. Leonard McCoy is essential; without him, Kirk and Spock are two guys.

10. If you could give any Star Trek character a chance to be captain of the Enterprise, who would it be?

You know, everybody got the Conn of the Enterprise at some point, except Uhura. That should have happened at some point.

BONUS. Think fast! Give one Star Trek quote from memory.

This has been TOS-heavy, so here's one from TNG: "If you had earned that uniform, you would know that the unknown is what brings us out here."


Jason said...

How horribly geeky would it be to point out that Uhura did, in fact, assume command in an episode of the animated series? Of course, they had to have an excuse... the menfolk had all been mentally incapacitated by space sirens or some such, and the women had to take over or they were all going to die. Still...

Doug said...

An addition to #7: eat, purr, sleep and make more tribbles (per Dr. McCoy's statement).

I've always wondered in the Mirror-Mirror episode what their tribbles would be like? Soft, purring, ravenous human-eating creatures?