Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thirty Day Challenge: Day Eight

Pictures of your Room

My room? Well, the bedroom is pretty boring, and I don't take many photos in there because it's generically private, isn't it? So I've taken new photos of my office/study area at Casa Jaquandor. This is at one far end of the living room of our apartment. Right now, it's an utter disaster.

Here's the whole thing, as one approaches from the kitchen:

It looks worst from this angle

Starting with that big shelf there, we'll proceed around, left to right:

The shelves, beginning

The shelves, continued

The shelves to my left

My desk

Yeah, I need some more space. Say, Nebraska.


Roger Owen Green said...

My wife would have a fit. She would suggest something silly such as getting RID of some of those books. This is why I have bookcases in the attic (that I can't access, including one that involves you.)

Lynn said...

After seeing these pictures I'm actually a little embarrassed about having so few books. :-)