Thursday, April 01, 2010

Waiting for the ghosts

Apparently I fell for a joke on this one...alas!

A person sees a property marked with a "Keep Out" sign. It's an abandoned hotel that's been boarded up for a number of years.

As in, seventy-one years.

This is a haunting and beautiful post.


Kerry said...

Holy cow... I love this so much. I've passed the story on to my employers. You never know... it's right up their alley.

Belladonna said...

Oh how I wish this story was real... wouldn't you just love to have a crack at seeing such a place and maybe getting the job of inventorying the old luggage contents. Alas...dream on. It's bogus. But a pretty fantasy = Disney's Tower of Terror ride.

Call me Paul said...

I remember being skeptical when I read this the first time. Some of the details were just too perfect. What really made me question it was the unfinished game of scrabble, and especially the coat and hat draped over the counter. As it was April Fool's day, I suspected a joke, but the date on the post at Scouting New York was March 31st. So, I figured it wasn't a joke after all. Dude cheated.