Monday, April 06, 2009

Sentential Links #164

And away we go!!!

:: March is like November, but more hopeful.

:: A newspaper city room was a noisy place to work. Dozens of typewriters hammered at carbon-copy books that made an impatient slap-slap-slap. Phones rang the way phones used to ring in the movies. Reporters shouted into them. They called out "boy!" and held up a story and copykids ran to snatch it and deliverer it to an editor. Reporters would shout out questions: "Quick! Who was governor before Walker?" (Terrific post.)

:: What can you say about a movie whose emotional climax occurs in Salt Lake City?

:: William Randolph Hearst? He was the George Lucas of his day. (An older post, and one I don't agree with, but still an interesting take.)

:: A few days ago, in the comments section, I revealed that the CGI stars as seen in that backgrounds of Battlestar Galactica were, for the most part, random. (See, I would have just assumed this...but not so the mega-obsessive skiffy fans who analyze shows like LOST and BG!)

:: He made a Swamp Thing blow up doll using a sex doll, papier mache, kudzu vine, and a viscous solution of egg whites and soy sauce. It really felt and smelled like the real thing. (How come nobody ever writes stuff like this about me on my birthday?!)

:: The king doesn't need to be powerful to be important.

:: What do you think of Twilight Summarized by a Smartass? (Oh my God, the world needs this. SamuraiFrog, you MUST do this! It is a moral imperative!)

More next week!

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