Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Gadgets and Gizmos

It's been a bit eventful here at Casa Jaquandor; we've done our part to stimulate the economy by purchasing stuff. We're just about done, but we now have:

:: A 32-inch flatscreen teevee. This is wonderful. Just wonderful. This week, we will celebrate our first Family Movie Night with the new teevee by watching something that looks cool on a big teevee. I'm thinking, something with rocket ships and space princesses. Yay!!!

:: We had to get a new digital camera to replace the other one, which has gone fritzy, unfortunately. That old Kodak EasyShare served us well for more than two years, and we got more than our money's worth out of it, since we paid about eighty bucks for it two years ago. It amazes me how electronics prices evolve: the replacement camera (same brand) was the same price, basically, as the old one, and it has twice the megapixels and twice the storage capacity.

:: We have a replacement computer monitor on the way. The old one died, and we've been using this awful dinosaur of a monitor for a few months.

:: Finally, I got an MP3 player. It's a small one, only 4GB of storage, but I don't need a lot of space on it. It's cheap and basic, but that's all I really need: just something to hold and play a few hours of music when I'm on the go. Fun!

And that's about it. As I noted, it's now up to someone else to get the economy moving. We've done our part. (And frankly, given how we were able to afford some of this stuff, I think we'd much rather have not come into a small bit of money in quite this way. In other words, thanks, Mom-in-Law.)


Earl of Obvious said...

Here in the land of Cleveland I too am trying to revive the economy but am thinking more along the lines of a decent used car.

Any recommendations? I purchased the books you recommended on classical music
and you were spot on.

So in my infinite wisdom I figure you must be an expert on cars as well.


Call me Paul said...

Space princesses that need rescuin', maybe?