Sunday, August 27, 2006

That ball wouldn't have gone out of most parks....

I wasn't involved at all, so as a pure external observer, I've been terribly impressed this weekend with how Buffalo Old Home Week has been going. It is unbelievably heartening to see the rolling-up of the sleeves on the part of many people in this region to get whatever we can going before someone gets Albany to wake the f*** up.

Anyway, as always, it's time for a pop-culture metaphor. This new bout of optimism in Buffalo has me thinking of the movie Major League. Remember Cerrano, the voodoo-practicing big slugger who, while able to send just about any fastball out of the park, cannot ever hit a curve ball to save his life, no matter how much he prays to "Jo Buu", his god? And remember, how in the climactic game against the Yankees, Cerrano comes up to bat in a crucial late-inning situation while also mired in a long slump? Standing at the plate, Cerrano addresses Jo Buu for the last time:

I pissed off now, Jo-Buu. I good to you, I stand up for you. If you no help me now, I say f*** you, Jo-Buu. I do it myself.

I'm kind of thinking Buffalo's getting to be a bit like that: F*** you, Albany. We'll do it ourselves.


Roger Owen Green said...

From Albany: You tell 'em.

Tosy And Cosh said...

Hoe great is it that Cerrano was played by the current dean of august gravity, TV political division, Dennis Haysbert?

I like the line, but was always kind of amused that it was the made-up voodoo God who gets dissed. I'd like to see a studio film do the same thing with Jesus.