Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hey, Blogger Users!

So, is anyone out there among the apparently lucky few who have been able to migrate their Blogger blogs to the "new and improved" Blogger? If so, is it as cool as it looks?

(For those not in the know, Blogger is getting ready to roll out its latest edition, with lots of apparently nifty new features like better syndication and possible "private" blogs and something that looks like the post-categories that are the norm in systems like Wordpress.)

UPDATE: More info on the new Blogger here. It specifically states that eventually all Blogger users will be able to move their old blogs to the new system, although if you really want to try out the new features, you can create a new blog that will be on the new system.


Sean Meade said...

i was under the impressions it was a 'start a new one' thing and not a 'migrate' thing...

bella said...

Looks like its 'start a new one' right now, and 'migrate' later unless you're one of the lucky few, or something.

Sucks that you have to use a different sign-in (google) to use it, though.

I set it up, so I can play around with it; my Blogger blog is rather sparse, at the moment.


Kelly Sedinger said...

When I sign in, I'm first taken to a screen offering to switch my current Blogger account to the new version -- but when I click through to do that, I instead get a screen saying "Sorry, but we're only taking a few users right now with more to come later. Keep an eye out for updates, but meantime, click here to access your dashboard." So I assume that old blogs will be convertible to the new system, which would be nice. I'm not about to start over from scratch!