Sunday, August 13, 2006

Photoey goodness!

For the first time in a while, I've updated the Flickr photostream with quite a few photos that have been sitting around. Photos include our day at the Erie County Fair yesterday, our recent excursion to the Sterling Renaissance Festival, the Daughter riding her bike without training wheels, a couple shots of the recent BloggerCon Episode IV, and more.

Oddly, after our digital camera recently broke (something in the viewfinder came visibly loose inside, making the viewfinder useless, and the optical zoom stopped working entirely, causing the lens to be stuck in the "on" position) we returned to our film camera, which worked for a few weeks and now it too no longer works! (It focuses and everything, but the picture never takes. The film doesn't advance, no flash, and the camera just makes this odd "grinding" noise.) So I dinked around with both cameras a bit, opening their cases with my trusty precision screwdrivers, saw nothing that stood out to me as an obvious problem, and put them back together -- to discover that now the digital camera will turn on and off as normal, and the lens will retract in and out. But we can no longer use the optical zoom, and the viewfinder is still blurred to uselessness, so framing shots is a major trial. But at least for now I can take pictures.

I've already started saving pennies for a new digital camera this Christmas anyway. Nowadays I can get a five megapixel camera for not a whole lot more (say, $30 more) than I paid nearly two years ago for this two megapixel camera. Then, I'll probably send the original camera to Olympus for a repair estimate; if it's not too outrageous, I may let The Daughter have it. (But don't tell her, anyone. It'll be a surprise.)

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Laura said...

congratulations to your daughter!!!! That is awesome.
Kudos to daddy for catching it with the camera too.