Sunday, August 20, 2006

"Boys will be boys"

I gotta stop reading the news, because this made me want to vomit.

Capsule version: two high school football players in some town in Ohio decided it would be funny to swipe a deer decoy, stick it on some road somewhere, and then watch as cars swerved to avoid it. Except one of the cars swerved too much, lost control, and ended up in a ditch. Neither of the passengers in that car died, but both were seriously injured: one has endured ten surgeries, still awaits another, and spent three months in a neck brace.

The two idiots who pulled this stunt were sentenced to sixty days in a juvenile detention center, with those sentences to be served after they finish their football season.

Yup: they get to play football before they serve time for a crime that could well have ended up in manslaughter.

Unbelievable. In the judge's words: "I shouldn't be doing this, but I'm going to. I see positive things about participating in football." And in response to some outcry that the two idiots were treated leniently because they're on the football team, one of the fathers opined: "I don't know why it's about football players. Why isn't it about student council or track?"

Well, gee whiz, let's just give that a little thought, shall we? Does anyone out there think for one second that if a student council member pulled a stunt like this, and nearly got someone killed, that that student would be allowed to postpone serving his sentence because of some student council business? What if this happened not to a couple of football players, but the "equipment manager" (i.e., the kid in charge of picking up the pile of shoulder pads after practice)? What if a member of the marching band had pulled a stunt like this? That father sounds utterly clueless, probably because he is utterly clueless. The judge even admitted it, for Christ's sake: "Here's what I should do, but you're football players. So I'm setting aside what I know that I should do." And kindly stuff the crap about "positive things" about participating in football. I love football too, but there's nothing uniquely special about it that doesn't happen in any other kind of team effort, be it the baseball team, the swimming team, or the drama club, or the concert band.

The article notes that this is a town of 8000 people, where the stadium fills with 4000 people on football night. We're also told that this team has recently been to the state championships. We're not told how good this year's team is, or what positions the hooligans play, so it's not clear if this is the star QB and RB on a team that's angling for another title, or just two benchwarmers on a .500 team. But that shouldn't matter, should it?

When I was a kid, teachers and adults understood the discipline that could be meted out via peer pressure. It went like this: one kid goofs off, the teacher pulls the plug on recess for the whole class, and then come the inevitable words of wisdom, "It only takes one person to screw it up for everybody."

Now that would have been a life lesson for these two idiots. They could have been the jerks who cost Anytown USA its shot at the championship. I doubt they'll learn much of anything, now, except that if you're one of the "cool kids" and you play on the team everybody loves, you'll get treated differently than anyone else. Instead of really having to come to grips with their actions and their real consequences (as well as the knowledge of how much worse the consequences could have been), these kids know that they almost killed someone but hey, it'll be all right because they get to play under the Friday Night Lights.

And after they get out of their 60-day jail terms, they both get to write an essay entitled "Why I Should Think Before I Act". An essay. Why not just make each one stand at a chalkboard and write out sentences 500 times? It would be about as effective a punishment. I'd love to be able to read those essays when they're done. I wonder if they'll pay some nerd to do it for them. Maybe the afore-mentioned hypothetical kid from the marching band.

(But hey, at least I can be reminded that Buffalo Bills fans have nothing on the lunacy that exists out there in some locales for high school football.)

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Barry Leiba said...

Several years ago in Connecticut there was the following incident:

It seems that there was a tradition for high school seniors in the town to pull pranks on a particular night. I dismember, right now, what the occasion was, or why they did this. Anyway, the football coach warned his team not to do anything over the top or illegal, and promised that any who did would not play in "The Big Game" the next week.

It seems that some of the star players stole a mailbox. They got caught. The coach kept his promise and forbade them from The Big Game.

It seems that parents were outraged. And not just the parents of the banned students, but parents of others on the team ("By banning the stars you're hurting my boy too!") and parents of students not on the team at all ("The school will lose The Big Game because the coach is a pig.").

They all seemed to miss the point, and the coach got it right. Happily, he stuck to it and the school principal supported him, but it could have been otherwise. He certainly got a lot of nastiness from everyone except the principal — I don't remember whether he got death threats, but he might have.

Perspective. We lack perspective.
And it's a problem.

Anonymous said...

To quote Mr. Garrison in an early episode of South Park, "We treat athletes better because they're better people."

Anonymous said...

At least those young men are now qualified for enrollment at THE Ohio State University

Anonymous said...

First Off, I know C.J Howard (Jesse Howard's father) and I can pretty well bet that this Prank did not go unanswered within his Household !

Secondly: within a week or two after this incident occurred the 2 others that weren't injured were out drinking and driving once again!

Third: Is there a boy or man that hasn't stole a Stop sign or
any street sign's when they were younger ? Christmas Bulb's Etc..

When I was younger my cousin and I stole a Stop sign...about a half hour later we heard someone locking up there breaks and skidding at the intersection
(we lived on a side street).
5 min. later that sign was put back in place, yes It was Stupid !

My point is that in our youth we never thought about the impact of
the Outcome, Had Luck not been on our side (and driver) I may have had the same results That Jesse Howard (And Family)have had to endure over the last year, I am
certaintly not advocatating his action's
(as we all (and as Jesse) know IT WAS WRONG !)

I heard of an older man that had to replace his Christmas bulbs (because someone stole them) died because he fell off a ladder trying to replace them, not my doing, But could have been !
Our Parent's found the bulbs and made us return them ! what's better than stealing Christmas bulbs you may ask, trying to replace them without being caught:)
make a lot more noise going in..

my point is that we all (most) have done things that could have
had negative impacts on other peoples lives.

As I stated above, The people that were in the car
(my understanding) were/are heavy into drinking and partying as this may have played a major part in the accident, reaction time etc..

I happen to live in the same small
town where the incident took place,
and yes it is small community, I have heard both sides of the story,
and are in neutral territory
so before I get blogged to death, over this matter, keeping the boy's
on a controlled schedule may have been the best solution
(As a tight schedule)
School-Practice and home by a certain time, House Arrest after practice etc.. If I were the Judge
I would have made the same decision, and I am not a High School football fan !
The Family has suffered enough because of this incident !!