Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Your Daily Dose of Christmas!


And if you didn't get to hear your personal favorite Christmas carol in this feature this season, I apologize...but here's an entire album that covers almost the entire gamut. This is one of the great Christmas music recordings of all time: The Many Moods of Christmas, featuring the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the Robert Shaw Chorale, conducted by Robert Shaw. Interestingly, the digital Atlanta Symphony recording was a follow-up to a 1963 recording of mostly the same music, also featuring Robert Shaw and his Chorale (but back then with the RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra). Enjoy, and may each and every one of you enjoy the very happiest of holidays!!!

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Annehueser said...

I just watched a PBS documentary about Robert Shaw. His Chorale was the first integrated choral group to tour in the Deep South in the 60s.

Makes listening to his music even better.