Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tired writer is tired....

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Every so often -- a couple of times, every six weeks or so -- I have a really early work start at The Store. This is to do PM* work on refrigeration cases that is best done when the respective departments aren't yet open for the day's business. The tasks are enjoyable, and in truth, the atmosphere of The Store in the wee hours is kind of nice: not too many people are there, the place is being worked by the Night Crew (which is a group of folks I rarely get to interact with), and there's a kind-of perverse sense of satisfaction that comes with having a pretty important job done before the rest of the world is waking up.

The problem with the 3:50 am waking time, though, is that later on the day, when I try to write, my brain is pretty much shifting into "Me no put words in pretty strings" mode. This is inconvenient, because I refuse to set aside my quota or my general mission in life of Never a day without a line. So I spend a writing session doing a lot of staring thoughtfully at the computer screen, often rubbing my forehead because that's what we Humans do when we're trying to think up stuff.

I got just shy of 700 words done yesterday. Not great, but at least I didn't goose-egg it, either. Today, I'm operating on a full-night's sleep, two cups of coffee, and I'll do some other routine-breaking stuff that always helps get the juices flowing. Back to SPACE!!!

Zap! Pow!!

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