Friday, May 31, 2013

More potential cover art

I keep looking through Tumblr for artwork that puts me in various states of mind as I work my way through Princesses II: Back to Rydell High (not the actual title). Here are a few recent instances of such.

The one up there with the blimps -- I'm not writing a steampunk, by any means, but there's a feeling there that's kind of like what I'm writing, even though the tech is well advanced beyond dirigibles.

Anyway, onward and upward -- the other day, I passed the 100,000 word mark, which is cool because on May 1 the book stood at just over 59,000 words. My May goal was to get to 90K words, so I more than exceeded the goal. Now my goal is to finish this draft by the end of July and then move on to a horror/thriller book I've been kicking around while I let Princess II: ET Returns to Elliott (not the actual title) rest for a while before editing this fall.

And after the horror/thriller, I think I'll be ready at last to take another whack at The Adventures of a Boy and the Lighthouse That Loved Him (which is really not the actual title).

Zap! Pow!


Anonymous said...

Yay for exceeding your goal! I like the first one or something similar, fwiw.

mylittlegeekery said...

Just because the technological level has exceeded the level of the dirigible doesn't mean that you can't have them present. Especially if they are a current popular toy if the wealthy.

Call me Paul said...

Like! That is all.

Kaye Waller said...

I like the last one.

Kelly Sedinger said...

Tayna: Hmmmmm.... [strokes chin in thoughtful fashion]