Thursday, January 24, 2013

Darth Abrams?

According to a number of media reports, JJ Abrams is directing the first Star Wars movie of the Disney era. I'm mostly fine with this -- of all my myriad problems with Star Trek 2009, none of them were in the film's execution or direction. I thought that Abrams made a fine explodey-spaceshippy-goodness movie, so if he's directing Star Wars, yeah...I'm fine.

I don't want him writing it, though. I've never cared for his work as a writer. Nor do I want Orci and Kurtzman to write it, either. Because they are, frankly, terrible writers.

If only there was a writer out there somewhere, well-steeped in Star Wars and space opera, waiting for his big break...if only...doo de doo de doo....

Long live Star Wars!


M. D. Jackson said...

I'd pay good money to watch a Star Wars movie written by Jaquandor. I'd even stand in line for an hour.

It'd have to be real good to make me buy the Blu-Ray, though.

Geoff Valentine said...

I'm with M. D. on this! Well, I wouldn't stand in line for an hour. But I wouldn't willingly do that for anything.