Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

Would you ever consider running for political office? If so, which one?


M. D. Jackson said...

I once ran for president of the Student Council at the University of British Columbia. I ran a lackluster campaign and came if third, just ahead of the "joke" candidate.

My lack of any kind of business profile in my community (a writer? An Artist? You ain't a businessman!) and my appalling French (bilingualism is a must in Canadian politics) preclude me from running for any sort of public office.

Roger Owen Green said...

I was President of Student Govt in HS, and was involved in Student govt in college. But the only thing I'd run for these days is library trustee, because it's nonpartisan. Partisan politics suck in America.

Kal said...

I ran for University Student Coucil and represented my faculty of education. But that was just a scam to get free theatre tickets and party invitations. It was fun to be all corrupt.

SK Waller said...

Oh, hell no!

fillyjonk said...

As SK said: Oh hell no!

I'm too much of a people pleaser and worry too much about whether I'm doing the "right" thing. And I tend to take criticism as evidence that I'm an awful person who should never show my face in public again.

So being an elected representative would DESTROY me.

Also, after being on a volunteer beautification committee, where we spent six months carefully crafting a potential landscaping ordinance for new businesses (as in: You are not permitted to blacktop over your entire property) and then having a lawyer for a couple of the businesses come in and tell us how BAD and WRONG that idea was, and how it would hurt new jobs coming to the area, I just gave up any dreams of being able to make a difference that way.

teflonjedi said...

I'd go for being the Premier of British French is not good enough for higher than that.