Saturday, January 30, 2010

Throwing Back

Early in 2009, the folks at Pepsi noted the growing interest out there in stuff that's not sweetened with High Fructose Corn Syrup, so they did something that I assume was mainly to test the waters: they introduced Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback, which are Pepsi and Mountain Dew sweetened with actual sugar. And both were, shall I say, wonderful. Since we don't drink pop all that often here at Casa Jaquandor, I proceeded to buy a twelve-pack of Pepsi Throwback every week as long as it was available. We still have some in our closet, although I'll have to start replenishing now that the stuff is back on the market.

It's not just the taste that's better; the drinks have a mouth feel that is so different from what I've become accustomed to after years of HFCS. They are less, well, syrupy. Sweetened soft drinks these days always tend to feel heavy in the mouth, as if both thick and thin at the same time. Not so with the Throwback drinks: they taste crisp and clean. It's not at all unlike having real maple syrup on your pancakes after years of using Mrs. Butterworth's. The drinks also smell sweeter, and feel less filling after consuming a full can or bottle.

I just discovered a couple of weeks ago that the current limited run of Throwback sodas now includes Dr. Pepper, which warms the cockles of my heart. I've always loved Dr. Pepper, which I have never had in a sugar-sweetened version (I didn't start drinking it until college). This stuff, called "Heritage Dr. Pepper", is a revelation in a bottle. (I know, sugar-sweetened Dr. Pepper has been available for years via a single bottler in Texas, but I've never thought it important enough to actually try to order some.)

Now, if Coke would get with the taste Coca-Cola in its original, sugar-sweetened formula again would be amazing. (Again, I know that the stuff exists on an annual basis, marketed in Jewish neighborhoods so the Kosher laws can still include Coke around Passover, but I'm not sure if anyplace around here sells it. My own Store doesn't carry it.)


Lord Chlorus said...

You might also try to look for Coca Cola bottled in Mexico. Many Costco stores, for example, carry that year round. The primary difference (perhaps the only difference) is that Coke from Mexico is made with cane sugar, not corn syrup.

--- Dan

Unknown said...

Happy to hear you are a fellow Dr Pepper fan,
every year an my birthday for the last couple of years June 1.
I have ordered the cane suger Dr. Pepper from Dublindrpepper (dot) com
I get a couple of 6 packs and also the glass bottles (more on that later)

Anyhow on the 4th of July my family has an extended family get together,
remote aunts uncles cousins etc who i frankly dont see otherwise are there
anyhow I took the Cane Suger Dr Pepper one year and was MOBBED
by my 80 year old Aunts Uncles etc, They really knocked it back. typically
they would drink maybe a glass or 2 of ice tea during the afternoon,
Well my Aunt Margret tossed back at Least 3 cans, I am their favorite nephew now

OK end of story

Back to the Dr Pepper the dublindrpepper plant
also bottles Dr Pepper in classic 8 oz glass bottles.

If you like Dr. Pepper THAT is the Dr. Pepper of Choice,
I am very serious. Maybe being in aluminum cans adds
a molecule or something but I always order both and I
assure you that Glass Bottled Dr Pepper tastes best.

A bottle of room tempature Glass bottled Dr Pepper over Ice
SMOOTH no syrup YUM YUM Yum

it is my Fav Drink

Final tidbit I had heard over the years that Hot Dr Pepper served straight
(heated in a Pan on a Stove) was another way of drinking it
well With the HFCS Dr Pepper I tried it a couple of times

But again The Cane Suger it works, Again I am serious

Your review of the "Mouth" feel is right on target

best wishes As Always

DavidS (read Star Fire Formerly Space Viking)

Erin said...

I also discovered the Heritage Dr Pepper...OMG, so good. I'm trying not to drink too much sugary stuff in general, but I'm going to have to stock up on that. I've never ordered from Dublin Dr. Pepper, just because the shipping is so high!

The Store out my way stocks the kosher for Passover Coke. They also stock Coke from Mexico (in glass bottles) in the International aisle.

Kerry said...

Since Coca-Cola is the one remaining vice I have 'til New Guy is born, I am heading to our neighborhood tienda today.

Anonymous said...

I think the Heritage Dr Pepper tastes better than the Dublin Dr Pepper -- sorry to the purists! I am LOVING the Heritage stuff because I can feel a little less guilty about drinking it.

I've had the Coke from Mexico, too, and it's pretty good. Less carbonated than regular Coke, though... I think the Heritage DP is a bit less carbonated, also, but not as noticeably as the Coke.

Roger Owen Green said...

I've have Coke in Mexico 22 years ago - recall liking it a LOT.

Dave Pogorzala said...

The Yuppie Wegmans out here in Rochester (aka the Pittsford one) has a while aisle for "ethnic" foods; Asian, Latin, Indian, etc. As part of the Latin section they have Mexican, sugar-sweetened Coke, available in a 24-GLASS-bottle case or as individual GLASS bottles.

I would guess that any large Wegs in Buffalo that has an ethnic aisle might too have the sugar Coke. Give it a shot.